Most frequent questions and answers

Make an account and apply in the Pricing Plans section for a Free Membership. Try some videos out from the NL2 section and see if you like them. Remember that NL2 coaching is low level and a lot more can be addressed upwards from that limit. The reason I made these videos available for free was to inspire people to play better and actually grind the higher subscription tiers, use them to get better and then make a living out of poker. Consider it like levels in a video game.

If you have a RegClub Essential subscription, you won’t be able to see any RegClub Prime content. I chose this layout to make it so that everything you see is directly available to you. While RegClub Prime is max value on subscription levels, the NL50+ videos being the best in strategy and deep learning of poker, we don’t need to flaunt that in your face.

RegClub Essential members get every NL5, NL10 and NL25 video available, access to all the streams and most of the MTT/Spin&Go Videos. RegClub Prime members get access to absolutely everything, meaning The Skill Up Course, NL50, NL100, NL200, NL400, NL500, NL600 and NL1000 videos, Sunday Million and Final Table Reviews.

RegClub will always be oriented towards a video training site that can be watched on all devices. We’re hard at work trying to improve the way our website works on all devices, so if you guys see a bug or something doesn’t spell quite right, please send us a message by using the email in the title.

By making an account and applying for a Free Membership, you will gain access to all the NL2 Cash Game Coaching Content and some Poker Theory Videos that are available for free to all account holders.

Only RegClub Essential or RegClub Prime members can visually access the contents of higher levels. This means you won’t be able to see the available videos from the paid categories unless you subscribe yourself.

E-mail scrimitzu[at]gmail.com for further questions.