Get coached by a seasoned pro

Hi there! I’m Scrimitzu and all the coaching videos, streams, course materials and articles that hover out and about on RegClub are self made.

You see, I wanted RegClub to be a place where grinders can come together and learn to play quality poker, and people who are just passionate about the game can come in and learn how to have more fun with Texas Hold’em, be it any format. I believe winning is fun, and we all should strive to be the best poker players we can be, either for fun or for a long term living. Everyone chooses their own path.

My path was living the dream, grinding poker for a living and I’ve been doing that for a total of 7 years now. On top of that, I have a very popular stream, have written two books, and now strive to bring you this gigantic poker video platform.

Are you ready to live your dream?

One Hour Pack

When you're just trying out

  • One hour individual time
  • Database Analysis
  • Leakbusting
  • Stat correction

Three Hour Pack

Really getting into it

  • Thought Process Augmentation
  • In-Depth Database Analysis
  • Recording Analysis
  • Fine-tuning Your Game
Good Value!

Ten Hour Pack

Go All In!

  • Thorough Database Analysis and Leakbusting
  • Recording Analysis & Live Play Sessions
  • Deep Theory Explanations and Application
  • Line Analysis and Augmentation
Best Deal!

Services Provided

General Game Analysis

Look over the most important stats in your game to figure out where your major leaks are.

Session Review

Let’s check out some recent hands and see where your leaks are and how you can improve your game permanently by never missing a value-bet or a good bluff opportunity again!

Database Analysis

Give me your poker database and let me find all your leaks! We’re going to plug them and the next time you’re in a tough spot, you’ll know what to do!

Preflop perfection

Analyze your pre-flop tendencies and correct the ones that are making you lose a lot of money! And I mean a LOT!

Post-flop moves vs regs

Some moves I’ve gathered over the years to include into my arsenal to make money in the long run from regs. You should have them too!


I can teach you to be profficient in the art of balancing, either by teaching you how to use solvers or how to think about the concept and apply it.